Learning changes. To keep innovating and meet your expectations, we create LEADERGAME which groups together all our Serious Games & E-Learning offers.

Russia & CEI: Moscow & Novgorod
Inna Olar: (Russian, French, English)

U.SA: Washington

Natalia Baker: (English, Russian, French)

China: Beijing & Guangzhou
Antony Chen: (Chinese, English)

Due to our experience and the professionalism of our consultants, capable of accompanying you at national or international level, we have signed tens of commercial and partnership agreements on our clients' account. To date, our activity has generated the turnover equal to tens of millions of euros.
At present, we are expanding in China, whose interior market is of planetary importance, as well as in North America, the European Union's first economic partner.

You have at your service our offices in France, Italy, Czech Republic and Canada, as well as our partners all over the Europe, in North America and China.

Conference on the European project ANGELS and the feedback LEADERCRAFT users, the serious games that we publish in France, at the “Journées du E-Learning de Lyon” which will take place on the 28th and 29th of June 2012.

You will find all information related to this event on our page:
We are participating in a new research European project named ANGELS (Augmented Network GEnerating Learning on Safety).

We participated in Serious Game Expo, we took place at Lyon on 21st & 22sd of november 2011:

We presented two of our main products,
Learn2Lead, Leadership serious game and LEADERCRAFT, soft skills serious games.
Sneak-peek of
Serious Game expo

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