Policlino Torre Vergata (Pilote) - Public Hospital & Medical University - Rome - Italie

Entropy Kn, Human Resources Consultancy & Training - Rome - Italie

Inglobe Technology , Computing company

NCONZO, The National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions of Czech Republic, in Brno

UJI, Université Jaume1, Department of Clinical Psychology, Laboratory of Psychology and Technologies, Castellon, Region of Valence, Spain
The main goal of ANGELS is to create an Augmented Reality training system, that provides training on the job, tutoring, retraining and updating about safety and prevention within work environments. ANGELS is focused on Health and Safety at workplace that is an issue of strategic importance for all organisations in a cross cultural dimension. In 2006, there were 3 715 work-related fatalities in the EU (source: Eurostat). In a six years study (2002-2007), the rate of fatal injury for the large member states has shown a mixed picture, while the average EU rate has shown a slight downward trend (source: HSE). According with the ultimate European strategy about safety, the issue involves a number of different levels: an individual one as learning behaviours, internalize values, develop awarness, personal commitment and responsibility. ANGELS use Augmented Reality, an immersive tecnique, that reverse the paradigm of traditional education, enhancing learning process. It will last for 24 months. The work will begin with a study of user requirements - needs analysis in health context as hospital, followed by the definition of the scenario and training methodology and the implementation of required software and hardware components.

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